Perfect Foods supplies many types of stores and distributors with wholesale wheatgrass, microgreens, and juicers for resale.  Wholesale pricing is reserved for retail establishments suitable to use our products for resale ONLY (juice bars, supermarkets etc).  If you are interested to sell our products, please contact us.

Juice Bars

Serve Fresh Wheatgrass Juice at your Juice Bar or add Microgreens to Smoothies.

Supermarket / Healthfood Store

Carry Microgreens and Pots of Wheatgrass in Produce


Carry Wheatgrass & Microgreens for distribution.

Floral / Events

Use Wheatgrass for Displays

Caterers / Restaurants

Use Microgreens in High-End Cuisine, or Displays with Wheatgrass

Pet Stores

Carry Wheatgrass for Pets

Juice Manufacturers

Wheatgrass for bottling or HPP


Sell Wheatgrass and Microgreens to Clients (Nutritionists, Alt Medicine, etc)