About Us

Pioneers in Urban Farming
We were one of the first urban farmers in NYC over 35 years ago. Today, large corporations have followed our lead in the sustainability of indoor farming.
Locally Grown
Only an hour outside NYC in Goshen, NY.

Locally grown food is the most sustainable and economical solution to today's largest environmental and malnutrition issues.
Family Owned
Not some huge corporation, we run as a small family business to maintain our quality, service and vision. We support Mom & Pop local stores!
Soil Grown & Organic
We grow all of our greens in our organic compost mix, high in minerals, nutrients and beneficial live microbes. We believe rich soil is essential for an optimally healthy plant, as nature intended.
Serving Hundreds of Stores & Homes
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Our Story

We have been growing and distributing fresh wheatgrass & microgreens since 1982 (before it was cool).  Harley Matsil began his backyard business in Brooklyn when not a blade of wheatgrass could be found in NYC.  His life-long friend, Jack, had told him of wheatgrass he had been serving at the beach in California.  The two friends dreamed of bringing this amazing superfood to the NY market, and Perfect Foods was born.

Today, Harley, together with his family & staff, grow their products upstate in Goshen, NY and deliver these fresh superfoods to hundreds of juice bars, healthfood stores, supermarkets, and private homes in the tri-state region weekly.

Our Philosophy

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates

We believe the body, given proper nutrition, can usually heal itself.  Hippocrates, a Greek physician considered “the father of modern medicine”, suggested we let food be our medicine.  Unfortunately, in modern times, we’ve strayed from this basic understanding.

We believe wheatgrass & microgreens are “Perfect Foods”.  They are highly nutritious, can taste amazing, and are easy to grow locally even in urban environments or at home.  Our goal is to supply and educate the NY region with these foods, and help improve the health of thousands.  

With shelves full of health food products, powders, bottles and pills, it’s increasingly confusing to the consumer to know what’s really healthy.  We want to set the record straight that nothing is as good as fresh green leafy vegetables.  Of green leafy vegetables, young greens are even healthier, and that’s exactly what wheatgrass & microgreens are.

In the years to come, we hope to continue to be able to share these amazing foods while our society slowly becomes more conscious of the values of plant-based nutrition for health, local agriculture, and sustainability.

How We Got Started Growing Grass...

Harley and his friend Jack looked in the phone book for the first 3 health food stores they could find to ask them if they were interested in wheatgrass. All 3 were thrilled and said yes right away – They were in business! 

Of course things are never that simple.  It was an uphill battle to get people onboard with drinking this “green stuff”, but Harley and the team never quit.  They knew the power of wheatgrass and the lives they were helping by providing it.  So they created a home delivery service, and eventually as demand grew, health food stores through NYC began serving fresh wheatgrass juice at their juice bars.

Quality & Reliability

We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Our indoor growing facility operates year-round to bring you the freshest possible products. We use rich composted soil, full-spectrum lighting, and filtered water to guarantee the greenest, healthiest wheatgrass and microgreens in the world.  Everything we grow is USDA certified organic. But don’t take just our word for it, listen to our testimonials:

About Us - Quality of Wheatgrass Composted Soil
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