Real life stories from our customers and how consuming wheatgrass & microgreens has impacted their lives.

Disclaimer:  These are the opinions of actual customers of Perfect Foods who have not been compensated in any way.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, and products by Perfect Foods, Inc are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease.  Please seek any medical advice from a certified healthcare provider.

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Improving Heart/Blood Health

“My father had a heart attack and almost died in the hospital. We  brought him home and gave him a whole food plants based diet, but wheatgrass was the key. It wasn’t until my father started drinking 2 oz, twice a day, that he started to see real results. Now we order 4 lb of wheatgrass every week shipped to CT from Perfect Foods.” – Mike 

“I recommend wheatgrass for cleansing and healing and take at least an ounce everyday. I eat only one meal a day and microgreens are majority of it.”  

Recommended By Homeopathic Doctor & Psychiatrist
– Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Testimonial: Lauren Gladding

“I wrote my college thesis on wheatgrass – that’s how much I believe in it. More people need to know about this!! It has helped so many people, including myself, to improve autoimmune diseases – it’s all the greens I need! I am an avid promoter and fan of Perfect Foods. Now I get deliveries every week. We LOVE your products and your family!!”

-Lauren G. , Raw-Vegan

Girl with Wheatgrass shot

“I have been drinking Perfect Foods wheatgrass for about a year and drink it everyday! I feel energized, it cleared up my skin, and calmed my IBS. Thank you!”

– Nikki, Wheatgrass lover 

Multiple sclerosis (MS) 

“Doctors told me there was nothing I could do. Within the first year of going raw vegan I was declared in full remission and now 6 years later I’ve improved completely.  I get 7 lb of sprouts a week from Perfect Foods and could not thank them enough for what they do.” -Kimberly G.  

Helping Weight Loss

“I used to weight 250 lb and wheatgrass helped me trim the weight and give me energy. Wheatgrass is my love, and  I suggest you read all about it.” 

– Rapper, Styles P.

Fighting Cancer

“Wheatgrass, sprouts, and the Hippocrates Health Institute diet has helped me reverse cancer and improve my health miraculously! I’ve gotten wheatgrass every week and juiced it fresh for 6 years. I suggest everyone try wheatgrass to see what a difference it makes in your life and definitely recommend it because it’s changed mine.”
 – Neil R.

Improving Stamina/Energy

“One time I took wheatgrass before I went swimming and I just kept swimming and swimming –  I was BORED before I got tired!”

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