Truly Touching Wheatgrass Story – Worth the Read!!

Harley's Wheatgrass Stories:

Harley’s Wheatgrass Stories: 
This one is dear to my heart.

My name is Harley, the owner of Perfect Foods, and I have been in the health food industry for over 30 years. Unfortunately, over the span of my career, I have sold wheatgrass to hundreds of sick individuals that became close friends of mine and my top priorities.  I have numerous inspiring anecdotes and I would love to share one with you that is dear to my heart.

Early in my career, a middle aged man came to me with lymphatic cancer. He asked me if I could teach him how to grow wheatgrass on his own. My team and I remembering why we started this business — to help people — naturally decided to help this man. We gathered the supplies (soil, young trays, a misting bottle, and a shop light) and I drove to his home in Spring Valley where I spent a long, memorable 6 hours with him, his wife and his son.  We sat down and wrote the detailed steps of how to grow it, where to grow it and every individual precaution you could think of (you’d be surprised how many factors there are to growing perfect wheatgrass). When I left him, he was in full operation.  He had young wheatgrass that I brought, babies he just started growing and seeds soaking that we just soaked together. All he had to do was continue to harvest, water, and rinse.

After I left that day a long time passed that I didn’t hear from him. He found his own soil supplier and kept to himself.  However, as most of my stories go, a year later or so he called to order some seeds and I could tell something was different. There was a new excitement  and liveliness in his voice when he revealed the news, “My doctor said I am CANCER FREE!” He explained that the doctors were so baffled they declared it a misdiagnosis. They claimed the cancer was said to be terminal and there could be no other explanation. However, a misdiagnosis from 3 separate doctors is highly unlikely — impossible almost. Whether the doctors wanted to believe it or not, the therapy to this “terminal illness” was drinking 4 ounces of wheatgrass every day and ridding red meat from his diet– that’s it.

Years passed and I heard from him every once in a long while. About 10 years later, he called and left a message. I returned the call and his son answered the phone. When I introduced myself as Harley, the wheatgrass guy, the young man anxiously asked if I was the one who taught his father how to grow grass years ago. As I replied, “Yes,” I could hear his breaths grow shorter until they became full sobs into the phone. Finally, after a few precious moments, he caught his breath and gratefully whispered, ” You are the man that saved my father’s life.”

Perhaps another 10 years went by when I was doing an in store demo at Back To Earth in New City. While I was offering a customer fresh wheatgrass, I heard someone say, “Could that be Harley?” There he was, still alive and well, now 20 years since I met him. He continued to drink wheatgrass every single day and couldn’t have looked better for all that he had been through.

For the rest of the day he stood by my side passionately insisting to every person that listened that my words were true and I had surely saved his life.

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  1. Kathy Meehan

    Inspiring story Harley, thank you. It is a blessing to be able to help so many. We are happy distributors of your wheat grass, pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts here at The Water Well located at 386 New York Avenue in Huntington, NY. We join in your mission to spread the many benefits of wheat grass. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday 12 noon the 7.

      1. Hi Louise,
        Where do you live? If you give me a zip code or cross streets I can give a few of the closest options.

        Sales Manager

  2. Where can I buy a tray of grown wheatgrass.
    I bought a small juicer (hand crank) and want it FRESH, not frozen or
    inpowder form. I live on Staten Island

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