Store Map

Click a Green Marker in the map below for info on local stores supplied by Perfect Foods.  To search, first click the top-right icon to open a larger map (in a new window), then click the magnifying glass icon.

Calling a Store

Here are some benefits to ordering directly with a store

  • No minimum order requirements = You can order just 1 item
  • No delivering or shipping fees = Less Cost
  • No need to be home for a delivery = Pick up at your convenience

How it Works

  • Call the store directly to inquire about special ordering any of our products
  • Some stores are very familiar with placing these “special orders”, while others are more familiar with one type of product or only serving fresh juice.  Explain that you want a special order.
  • Stores get delivery once per week on an assigned day and order with us the prior business day morning (ex:  Delivery Day = Tues,  Order By = Mon. Morning)
  • Note that you will be ordering and making payment with the store (not Perfect Foods)
  • The store has the right to set pricing which may differ from ours

To Be Successful

  • Try to speak with an owner/manager  (note their name)
  • Make it clear what product you want (ex. Tray, 1-lb bag, 4oz clamshell)
  • Suggest that you can pay in advance of picking up
  • Assure them you will pick it up promptly after its delivered

Example Conversation  

“I want to buy Perfect Foods wheatgrass so I can juice it at home (or Microgreens).  Is it possible to order a Tray or 1-lb bag of wheatgrass (or any other product)?  What day is Perfect Foods’ next delivery to you?  I’m willing to pay in advance and promise to pick it up promptly.” 

Let Us Recommend a Store

You can also use the form below.  Our expert team will recommend the best stores near you to get the products you are looking for.

Please check what you are looking for:
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