Wheatgrass Testimonial – Cancer Survivor – Lilli Link, MD

I am a 13-year cancer survivor.  Shortly after being diagnosed with a uterine sarcoma, it was clear that wheatgrass juice would be in my future.  I waited until after I completed surgery and chemotherapy to start it.  I knew the taste would be hard to tolerate.  What I didn’t know was how good it would make me feel.  I drink 2 ounces of juice made from Perfect Foods’ wheatgrass almost every morning and find it incredibly satisfying.  It keeps my blood sugar and energy even throughout the morning.  I also love Perfect Foods’ sunflower sprouts which are packed with nutrition.  I like to add them to my daily vegetable juice not only because they are so healthy, but also because they make the juice delicious.

I think wheatgrass juice and sunflower sprouts are key for optimal nutrition and have been an important part of my anti-cancer diet.  I highly recommend both to my patients who are interested in achieving that level of health.  Of course, I recommend Perfect Foods because no one grows greener wheatgrass or more beautiful sunflower sprouts.

Lilli B. Link, MD, MS
Nutritional consultant, NYC

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