All of the green. None of the mean.

In this juice, we’ve given you nothing but the best. Unlike most “green juices” that count on a mysterious green powder to make your drink, we have made this as fresh as it can get. No really, not only can you get the fresh pea and sunflower microgreens delivered straight to your door, but you can get them still rooted in their soil. So, yes. It is really as fresh as it can get. 

Though this juice has no fruits or added sugars in it, you’ll be surprised by how sweet it actually is! This juice gets it sweetness from the immune boosting sunflower and pea microgreens and is paired with the refreshing taste of cucumber and celery. 

Sip on it in the morning to get your metabolism going, or in the afternoon to balance out your gut from your days worth of eating. 

Why Hippocrates?

We’ve paired up with to bring you their fresh recipe, but remind you that you need the best ingredients for you to reap the best results.  With Perfect Foods Inc. you’ll never receive anything short of, well… perfection

Sunflower Microgreens: for such a light and refreshing juice, you’ll be shocked by how filling it is. That’s accredited to the healthy fats and protein that sunflower microgreens are known to have. Additionally, they’re they’re filled with chlorophyll, which is known to boost your immune system vitamins, and minerals.

Pea Microgreens: these little guys are like the booster shot you’ve always wanted, but never knew you needed. They packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes all while naturally carrying a sweet nutty flavor to them. 

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Why the Dr. Squeeze Dream Queen Juicer?

With this juice we’re taking away the fiber and giving you just pure, clean juice. The reason for that is without the fiber, the nutrients will absorb into your blood almost immediately. This juicer is perfect for this juice because it can handle juicing fine things such as wheatgrass and microgreens, while most other home juicers can’t. 

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