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The Work Begins

A handful of years ago I had a stretch of property on the side of our primary building that ran close to the road. At this point we realized this part of land was going to waste and wasn’t being optimized. So, I figured I should put in a foundation (while the town zoning board was still sympathetic to farmers since the town of Goshen was turning more residential). The easiest thing for us to do was to put up a greenhouse which will give us the foot holding of having a foundation without the extreme expenses. So, I presented this to the board of Goshen and they allowed me to build along the road to continue the line of the building. I didn’t think a green house would be effective, but I did figure it would be helpful to one day have incase competition called for us to need more space. So, the town approved it and we built it as high-tech as we could.

Putting the Kids to Work

That summer, we found that the greenhouse would burn the blades of the grass due to too much sun light coming through. To mitigate the issue, we added screening on the greenhouse to defuse the light, and it worked! However, we then realized that on a cloudy day we didn’t get enough light and the blades would wilt, so we had to put up growing lights. At this point we hoped to have all unforeseen issues behind us, alas we did not. We noticed that it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, so now we needed to insulate the greenhouse. The best way of doing this was to add reflective sheets to the roof of the greenhouse to create a more mild climate in the greenhouse. To do this, we needed someone to strap down the sheets on the roof, however everyone was too heavy and posed a threat to tearing a hole in the soft greenhouse roof materials. So, we did what any family owned company would do and turned to our kids to help…. That is, who better than our 10 year old, light as a feather daughter, Aliana, to slide on down from the greenhouse to get the job done. We strapped her down and threw her right overboard, and she laughed the day away as she’d slide her way down back to the ground. When we stay we’re a family owned company we mean it! Throughout the many years of us being around, we’ve been focused on including family every step of the way… even if that means throwing the little ones over the roof!

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In Conclusion

Once we finished the reflective sheets and the insulation we realized that we’ve ironically turned this into an indoor growing place. The only way to make our microgreens and wheatgrass perfect everyday, every time was through climate control, light control, and precision control. Every step of the way, Perfect Foods has worked hard at making sure our products are perfect every time and this is a prime example of that.

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