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1-Week Beginner Kit

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Support your health with the perfect sampler of superfoods: Frozen wheatgrass shots, fresh microgreens, and an organic raw sprouted snack of your choice.

Daily Greens:

1-2 oz of Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

1 Microgreen Salad or Smoothie



From Our Farm

To Your Door

A Game-Changing Green Drink for Your Health


Baby Plants with Massive Nutrition & Flavor

Get fresh wheatgrass & microgreens to your door!

We supply hundreds of local juice-bars & markets in the NY metro region.

It’s inexpensive and fun to grow  fresh food right in your kitchen.

Designed by Perfect Foods, the Dr. Squeeze models are the best wheatgrass juicers on the market.

Get Juicing at home or your commercial Juice Bar.

Who We Are

We are a family-owned wheatgrass and microgreens farm serving NY since 1982.  We pride ourselves on growing the highest quality and most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth.  Our trucks deliver directly to over 450 juice bars, health-food stores, and homes in the Tri-State region.  

Wholesale / Distributors

We Supply:

Juice Bars / Health Food Stores

Restaurants / Caterers

Event Planners / Florists


Pet Stores

Produce Distributors

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“If you’re looking for an easy shortcut for your diet, a shot of Perfect Foods Wheatgrass could do the trick.”

Check out the video feature

ABC 7 News – Amy Freeze

“Harley Matsil is known as the Wheatgrass King.  I might more accurately refer to him as the Wheatgrass King, Emperor, Potentate and Official Wizard of All Things Wheatgrass.”

The Milford Journal – Julia Schmitt Healy

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