Growing Supplies

Wheatgrass Growing Supplies

Grow wheatgrass at home with our quality supplies.
Growing at home can be sustainable, fun, and easy with our help.

Grow Kit Includes

  • Growing supplies for 4 Trays of Wheatgrass
  • 2 Plastic Black Trays
  • Organic Soil
  • Wheat Seeds – Of the highest quality
  • Spray Bottle
  • Growing Instructions (from the experts)
  • OPTIONAL:  Full Spectrum Grow Light (27W – $40 value)

Other Growing Supplies

A-La-Carte Items for Home Delivery

Recommended Packages
For Growing & Juicing

For highest quality product, add a Full Spectrum Grow Light to any of these packages for an additional $38.

1. Microgreen Starter Grow Kit

  • Includes:
    • Seeds, Soil, Trays and Spray Bottle to grow:
    • 2 trays of wheatgrass
    • 1 trays sunflower 
    • 1 trays of broccoli

2. Wheatgrass & Wheatgrass Juicer  Delux Kit


  • Includes:
    • Dr. Squeeze Green Queen Wheatgrass Juicer $99.99
    • Seeds, Soil and supplies to grow 10 trays of wheatgrass. 

3. Wheatgrass Deluxe Grow Kit & Omega Juicer


  • Includes:
    • Omega fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juicer. $380 value
    • 1 Grow Kit for 10 trays of wheatgrass
    • You can grow a large amount of wheatgrass and juice and freeze it in large quantities.