Intermediate Sprouting Kit


Intermediate Sprouting Kit

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1 lb Broccoli Seeds

1.5 lb Radish Seeds

2 lb Lentil Seeds

Sprouts are easy to grow at home, only take 3-10 days, and are among the most nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting foods on earth.  As the seed is nutritionally activated through the process of soaking and sprouting, the break down and germination makes the nutritional properties more bioavailable to us when we consume them and about 20-100 times more nutrient dense than their adult plant. 

This variety of sprouting seeds will be enough for you to get started with sprouting at home and provide enough sprouts to supplement with for about 2-4 weeks. Add these sprouts to salads, sandwiches, smoothies,  or just to snack on!

We constantly seek out the highest quality, NON-GMO seeds for sprouting.

Sprout Health Benefits:

Radish Sprouts are spicy and highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals. They are great for topping on salads, sandwiches, avocado toast, soup, fish, and any dish to add flavor, color and nutrients.

Broccoli Sprouts are mild flavor and extremely anti-inflammatory and high in sulforaphane which is known to be one of the most immune system boosting and anti-cancer foods.

Lentil Sprouts are extremely high in protein, starch, fiber, vitamins and minerals and are a delicious addition to any salad or to eat as a snack.

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Sprouting Instructions:

  1. Soak seeds in water (twice the height of the seeds) in a bowl overnight 8-12 hrs.
    Radish (~3 tbsp seed / batch)    Broccoli (~2 tbsp seed / batch)   Lentil (~ 1/2-1 cup / batch)
  2. Drain seeds and rinse with fresh water in morning.  You can do this with a  fine strainer, cheese cloth, or mesh-covered jar. Good Airflow, moisture level, and drainage is important.  Store at room temperature & cover with a moist paper towel or cloth.  If using a jar method, keep it stored upside down at an angle for drainage.
  3. Rinse again and stir/shake in the evening.
  4. Rinse 1-2 times/day and stir / shake for additional 3-5 days to taste (usually with tail being less than inch).  You can get them slightly green by adding light for the last day.
  5. Once complete, wait 12 hours since last rinse and store in fridge. Use a produce bag, jar, or container with paper towel to absorb moisture. Should store for at least a week (recommended to eat them quickly).

More Info:

  • 10 day old baby plants at their most nutritious stage
  • 20-100 times the nutrients as adult plants
  • Studies show them to: Support immune system, have anti-cancer properties, reduce autism symptoms, be chemo-protective, liver detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, reduce blood sugar, etc.
  • Recommended dosage of wheatgrass and microgreens / sprouts :
    • Detoxing/healing:
      •  4-6 oz of wheatgrass daily on an empty stomach
      • 4-8 oz of microgreens daily
    • Maintain health:
      • 2-4 oz of wheatgrass daily on an empty stomach
      • 4 oz of microgreens daily

To sprout microgreen seeds, we first soak and rinse them to remove enzyme inhibitors and to  help initiate germination.  As the seed is nutritionally activated through the process of sprouting, it begins to break down starches into simpler carbohydrates, fats into fatty acids and proteins into amino acids.  This in effect makes these nutritional properties more bioavailable to us when we consume them. 

Each particular sprouted variety is composed of their own complex of vitamins, minerals and unique health enhancing constituents, but one of the great benefits that all sprouts have in common is their high enzyme content.  They are very helpful for breaking down the foods we eat into usable nutrients and processing undigested waste material.  Sprouts & microgreens assist in activating the immune system and are cleansing to the body.  Those high in chlorophyll are effective at removing toxins from the cells and lymphatic system.  They are also high in dietary fiber & starch which promotes healthy bowel movements and intestinal function.


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