Beginner Sampler (10 Fzn + Br +SF + Co + snack)


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Beginner Sampler (10 Fzn + Br +SF + Co + snack)

Note: Only available by Direct Delivery in the Tristate Region or Farm Pickup.

New to microgreens & wheatgrass?
Try this sampling of frozen wheatgrass juice, 3 microgreen varieties, and a raw vegan snack bonus!

  • 10 oz Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Shots – Single Servings
  • 1 Broccoli Microgreen (2 oz)
  • 1 Sunflower Microgreen (4 oz)
  • 1 Color-Mix Microgreen ( 1.5 oz) – Arugula, Radish, Cilantro, Mustard, Broccoli
  • 1 (Your Pick of Organic Raw Vegan Sprouted Snack) – Just for fun!
Days 1 – 4:
  • 1 oz Frozen Wheatgrass Juice in the morning on an empty stomach
  • 1/2 Package of Microgreens in 1 smoothie, salad, or sandwich
Days 5 – 7:
  • 2 oz Frozen Wheatgrass Juice (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon)
  • 1/2 Package of Microgreens in 1 smoothie, salad or sandwich
Recipe Ideas:

Sunflower Microgreen Smoothie

  • 1 Sunflower Smoothie 
    • Have it for breakfast or lunch.
    • 1/2 package of sunflower microgreens
    • 3 strawberries
    • 1/2 banana
    • 6 oz water


  • 1 Broccoli Microgreen Salad
    • 1/2 package of broccoli microgreens
    • cucumbers
    • grapefruit
    • beets
    • spinach
    • sunflower seeds

  • 1 Avocado Toast 
    • Spread 1/2 an avocado on gluten-free or whole-grain toast or a flax seed cracker and sprinkle on color-mix microgreens with salt and red pepper chilly flakes

Broccoli Microgreen Juice

  • 1 Broccoli Microgreen Smoothie
    • 1/2 package Broccoli Microgreens
    • 3 slices pineapple
    • 1/2 avocado
    • handful of spinach
    • flax seeds
    • 6 oz water/fresh apple juice/ coconut water

Salt & Vinegar Almonds, Buffalo Almonds & Ranch Cashews, Cacao Goji Superfood Squares, Dark Chocolate Coconut Chunks, Ceylon Cinnamon Crunch, Pizzalmonds

11 reviews for Beginner Sampler (10 Fzn + Br +SF + Co + snack)

  1. Michelle M. (verified owner)

    Sunflower microngreens with a sweet taste. I had no idea.
    The sampler is the best way to decide what taste best!

  2. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Love them all.Yall i added the color mix with diluted mango nectar juice and it was soooo delicious.I should have sippes it.It would have lasted longer.So refreshing.

  3. Linda K. (verified owner)

    I was glad to have the variety pack. On my next order, I’ll know which sprouts to select.
    I love your products and delivery! It makes staying healthy easier! Thank you!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wish the broccoli and color mix lasted longer. But its so good!

  5. Jeanette J. (verified owner)

    Great combo of items

  6. Clifton Coker (verified owner)


  7. Carolina (verified owner)


  8. Jillian Finker (verified owner)

    I am now addicted to wheat grass juice and sprouts again!! I will be placing another order soon!!

  9. Nzinga Harden (verified owner)


  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything was fresh and exactly as described!

  11. Olivia Bowman-Jackson (verified owner)

    Loving your wheatgrass and sprouts so much. They’re all for me and I treat my hubby to your sprouted nuts. I will make this a weekly delivery!

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