The Green Shot Perfect Foods Wheatgrass

Why Wheatgrass is the Life of the Party (& Amy Poehler)

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Music, dancing, games, pictures and, of course, SHOTS! Sounds like an average party to me. Plot twist! It’s a Wheatgrass Party this time.

The first wheatgrass party of its time, coming to you at the NYC Veg Food Fest on May 7th and 8th. Come to have a killer time with your friends and family without the hangover!

1. Fun with out killing your liver! (rejuvenating it, actually!)

2. No crying, no drama just shots !

3. First shot ever to be a HANGOVER CURE!!


4. Just 1 shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5 lb of green veggies!


5. Wheatgrass Flip cup anyone???

6. Awesome pre-workout rounds of energy shots

7. It can be like breakfast for your hang over???

8. Dancing like you’re plastered but feeling like you’ve never been more alive!


9. Green Teeth Selfies like you wouldn’t believe  #TheGreenShot

10. Giving THE Green Shot (Perfect Foods Wheatgrass) a new tagline: EFFIN AWESOME

The Green Shots with Amy and your friends is the new after party. #TheGreenShot

Call 800-Wheatgrass for closest juice bar to you that sells The Green Shot (Perfect Foods Wheatgrass).

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