Microgreen herbs save the day!

At Perfect Foods, we are always exited to push the boundaries of microgreens. Today, we’ve made lentil soup garnished with microgreen cilantro, and the difference in flavor is amazing.

Microgreens are amazing enough for the fact of all of their health benefits, but one thing that some may not realize is their potent flavor! Microgreens are the 10-14 day old baby plants and are extremely nutrient dense and concentrated in flavor. These little guys truly pack a punch, just having one leaf will shock you by how much flavor there really is.

Zest up your meals with microgreen herbs and explore how to further the nutrients in your dishes!

What makes this dish so great?

Cilantro Microgreens: found in our microgreens color mix, these little guys add so much dimension of flavor complex to your dish. Not only that but they’re packed with as much Vitamin C as an orange, high levels of fat soluble antioxidants that are essential for organ function and protecting the cellular structure from damage

Lentils: other than being a versatile legume, they have plenty of health benefits; high in protein, iron, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, and polyphenols. Lentils are also a great vegan way of strengthening your bones!

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