Cool Cat® Wheatgrass Pet Treat

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Grass for Pets?

Grass isn’t just for cows!  Our Cool Cat Pet Treat is great for most pets, but cats love it in particular.  Its also great for hamsters, rabbits, lizards, birds, horses, dogs, etc.  

Many zoos, including the famed NY Bronx Zoo, feed grass to nearly all the animals!

Young grasses like our Pet Treat have tons of nutrition to promote the health of your furry friend.

Cool Cat Benefits

  • Improves Digestion
  • Freshens Breath
  • Satisfies natural grass cravings
  • Provides tons of nutrients
  • Improve overall health
  • Prevents damage to house plants

Care Instructions

Your Pet Treat is alive and needs some care,
 but its easy -promise.

  • Keep it watered – your pot should never feel too light, or grass look wilted/dry.  It will likely need watering every few days.  
  • Keep in indirect sunlight – placing it directly by a window can cause it to dry out too quickly or show heat burn.
  • Store in refrigerator to extend shelf-life
  • Expect it to last about 1 week before needing to be replaced (depending on height when purchased).
  • Clip it with scissors if it gets too tall for your pet


Where to Buy?

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