Wheatgrass 1-Lb Bag


Freshly Cut 1-lb (16z) of Organic Wheatgrass.


1-lb (16oz) Organic Wheatgrass cut fresh in a ziplock bag.

Grown in an organic living soil within a controlled environment, this the healthiest wheatgrass possible.  Our wheatgrass is considered by many-a-New Yorker to be the highest quality available in the world.  The blades are deep green, the juice is bold & flavorful, and the nutrition & health benefits are optimal.

Requires Refrigeration
Expected shelf-life of 1-2 weeks
For added shelf-life, place a sheet of paper-towel into your bag upon receiving to absorb excess moisture.
You MUST use a masticating juicer designed for wheatgrass.  Please do not attempt to juice wheatgrass in a centrifugal juicer or blender.


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