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Omega Juicer 8006

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The Omega 8006 Juicer (nutrition center) is a masticating-style juice extractor. Using a low speed of 80 RPM's results in minimal heat build-up and oxidation, promoting healthy enzymes and longer lasting juices. It's designed and engineered for health-conscious individuals who want greater variety in their daily fruit and vegetable juicing routine by having the ability to also juice wheatgrass and leafy greens. Not just for juicing, this machine even turn nuts into nut butter, extrudes pasta, grinds coffee and spices, minces herbs and garlic, makes baby food, and whips up soy milk in a flash. Theres no clogging or foaming, for the most nutritious drinks and snacks you'll make for your family.

Differences from the 8005 model:
  • 15-yr warranty (vs. 10-yr warranty of previous model)
  • More durable grinding augor (8x harder material)
  • Redesigned collection bowl
  • Handle is now integrated in motor body


  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Dual Stage Juicing System for Maximum Efficency
  • Juices Wide Variety of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pasta Extrusion
  • Nut Butters
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • No Foaming or Clogging
  • Household and Commercial Approved


Technical Specs:

  • Motor Power: 2 HP (gear reduction equivalent)
  • Voltage:  120V/60Hz
  • Wattage: 150 W
  • Rated speed of augor: 80 rpm
  • 6.5" W x 14.5" D x 15.5" H
  • Weight : 20 lbs


Perfect Foods, Inc has been growing and distributing fresh organic wheatgrass in New York since 1982.
We are proud to be the world's premier growers, and hope to become the #1 destination for learning about the benefits of drinking wheat grass juice and to buy wheatgrass juicers and wheatgrass kits. Start to improve your immune system, feel young, and have more energy by drinking just one ounce a day of this chlorophyll and nutrient packed juice.

We also grow a few varieties of baby greens, such as sunflower greens, based on the live food diet.

Call us today at 1-800-WHEATGRASS or email us at info@800wheatgrass.com

DISCLAIMER: Wheatgrass and Perfect Foods products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Please consult your primary care physician or other healthcare provider with any medical questions or concerns.