Home Delivery Options

Fresh Wheatgrass & Microgreens
Brought to Your Door

1.  Direct Deliverywheatgrass van

If your home is within our delivery routes, it may be possible to get delivery direct to your home with our trucks.  To determine if this option is available, please use our delivery inquiry form.  Keep in mind that this option may be more costly than purchasing our products at a store we supply, due to our $10 home delivery fee.
This option also requires meeting our $40 product minimum order, and being home to receive delivery.                Learn more…


2.  Shipping

If direct home delivery is not available to you because you are not in our region, cannot meet the minimum order requirements, or are not home at the time we make our deliveries in your area, shipping via 3rd party (UPS) is possible.  This option tends to be the most costly, as it sometimes requires packaging to keep greens refrigerated in transit, or may require air shipping.                                 Learn more…



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